​​​John Lang Designs

Metal Sculpture - Metal art 

Custom designs - Long lasting materials..

  • Stainless Steel, Weathering Steel and Aluminum
  • Hand retractable or power options
  • Adjustable supports (allows for seasonal changes)
  • Strong designs that survive lake wave forces and winter
  • Decorative railing options
  • Decorative privacy panels

                I f the higher lake level and shoreline erosion prevention efforts have made it difficult for you to enjoy/access the lake...

I have solution that will get you back in the water!  Access stairs and platforms can be permanent, retractable or removable!

There are solutions for most budgets and I will personally review your site and provide an accurate quote. 

​  ~John


12490 Lakeshore Rd. Bldg A

Lyndonville, NY 14098



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