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                I  have been a professional designer / artist for more than 25 years. My love and fascination with art began at age 6 and continued throughout my career including working for world renowned sculptor Albert Paley at

  Living in Western New York and Florida gave me many opportunities to explore the ocean/lakes as well as the mountains and waterfalls!

Hawai'i is my favorite travel destination! The Islands are absolutely beautiful and it is true the Aloha spirit never leaves you!  ​Much of my inspiration comes from these wonderful locations and experiences! 

  My designs come from an emotional place...a place where feelings, attitudes, sexuality and gestures coexist.  I represent these through steel, geometric space, form, texture and color.

Custom sculptures for you..

    I will take the time to discuss your desires, passions, ideas and create a gorgeous / unique piece for you.

It can be...

  • An exquisite  piece for your home
  • A representative sculpture
  • A bold intellectual piece for your business
  • A recognition sculpture
  • A public commission sculpture

 My desire is for a connection to take place between you and my art form. It can be through an alluring intimate piece, a casual contemporary form or a formal recognition piece.

       - John